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The industry’s top carriers

Our nationwide network of top-quality carriers gets your freight where it needs to go, when it needs to be there. We only work with carriers and drivers whom we trust.

One self-service platform

Own the way your supply chain moves: Quote and tender your own loads, track shipments in real time, control your spending, make smarter decisions with historical data, and more.

Service, 24/7

We’re here, by phone, email, or text, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll always talk to a member of our team—never will your call be met with a voicemail or an automated call system.

On-time deliveries

Our demand data reveals optimal dates and times to ship on particular lanes, empowering you to choose routes for a better price and on-time delivery.

Keep things moving

Our self-service platform empowers you to ship your
product your way.

See your shipments on the map, anytime

Watch your freight en route, in real time. We track every mile of the way: the route, pickup time, estimated time of arrival, current load status, miles left to go, and more.

Fuel your business with predictive analytics

We’ll personalize your dashboard to deliver the analytics you want so you can make better and smarter business decisions. Think on-time percentages, financial summaries, and more.

Optimize your network

View Riggo’s entire network to see where trucks are delivering now and into the future. That means you can plan shipments in advance, for better planning and more peace of mind.

Tendered loads instantly reach the right carriers

Through the power of machine learning, we know what equipment our carriers run and what lanes they prefer. Our system matches your freight with the ideal carrier for better and faster service.

Case Study

The challenge

Meredith Corporation is behind some of the biggest titles in media, including magazines like People, Fortune, Travel + Leisure, and more. New issues must make it to USPS, so they can be mailed to subscribers. The magazines must be promptly picked up from the printer at 1 a.m., and there can be anywhere from three to five stops on the way to the USPS facility. With these loads running throughout the night, Meredith Corp. struggled to find committed and trustworthy carriers

The solution

The Riggo team listened to the load requirements, then started reaching out to carriers. The solution was clear: Find drivers who would commit to the lane and wholeheartedly understood the importance of being on time, every time.


Riggo’s real-time tracking capabilities allow the team to track the freight and keep the driver focused on the road. With great drivers at the wheel, the loads deliver without issues. A trusted carrier helps the customer be successful.

Riggo never uses any…excuses. They just roll up their sleeves and work hard leveraging their relationships with their carrier network to help us deliver every week.”

Chris Tenny, Meredith Corporation

Director of supply chain operations

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